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Brachial plexus paralysis is a painful and debilitating injury that affects the nerves along the neck, shoulder, arm and hand. Most cases of brachial plexus paralysis occur during childbirth. Unfortunately, many of these cases could have been prevented with better medical care, and are often a result of negligence on the part of the physician. This injury may require a lifetime of physical therapy, which can put a family through undue emotional and financial stress.

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What Must a Brachial Plexus Paralysis Case Prove?

This injury case aims to prove that paralysis was a direct result of the physician’s negligence.
Your case would need to prove several things, including:

  • The medic was medically responsible for your baby during time of injury
  • The physician, or defendant, acted negligently while caring for your baby
  • This negligence is what caused the injury

Millions Recovered In Personal Injury Cases

At McMahan Law, PC, we understand that dealing with brachial plexus paralysis is a painful predicament for a family to endure. This is why we’re dedicated to utilizing our access to top experts and specialists to build strong cases for our clients. We’ve recovered $500 million in damages and have decades of experience with personal injury cases. If your child is suffering from brachial plexus paralysis due to negligence, you should seek skilled legal counsel to help guide you through during this trying time.

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