Los Angeles Financial Elder Abuse Attorney

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Financial elder abuse is the unauthorized and improper use of funds, property, or any resources of an elderly person. An elderly person may be abused financially by caregivers or others who gain access to their finances or property.

Examples of financial abuse of the elderly include, but are not limited to:

  • Misappropriating money, valuables, or property
  • Forcing changes to a will
  • Denying the elder access to personal funds

Effects of Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can have a significant impact on an elderly person and their family.

Signs that may indicate financial abuse may include, among others:

  • Loss of money or property, including sentimental family heirlooms
  • Inability to pay bills
  • Deterioration in health or standard of living
  • Lack of amenities to which an elder is entitled
  • Unusual activity in bank accounts
  • Uncertain or suspicious signatures on documents, including wills and trusts
  • Eviction or house sale notices

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Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud Lawyers

The elderly are often targets of healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and nursing home owners, who take advantage of them for financial gain.

Examples of this type of fraud or abuse may include:

  • Charging for healthcare that is never provided
  • Overbilling or billing for unnecessary services
  • Medicaid/Medicare fraud
  • Over-medicating/under-medicating
  • Illegal kickbacks or referrals from other healthcare providers or drug companies

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