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Seeking Justice for Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer & Other Illness

Despite cancer being one of the deadliest diseases that patients face today, tragically there are still many instances where doctors fail to diagnose cancer or where their diagnosis is delayed and the cancer grows. At McMahan Law, PC, we have decades of experience passionately defending our clients’ rights and striving to make them whole by obtaining maximum compensation to pay for their medical care. Our lawyers are well-versed in cancer misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and other healthcare-related issues.

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Highly Specific & Knowledgeable Experience

Attorney Carl McMahan’s experience in legal matters related to healthcare, such as cancer misdiagnosis, has made him well-respected in both legal and political circles. Mr. McMahan was selected to serve as a member of the White House task force on healthcare reform for the Clinton administration. He brings the same level of proficiency and professionalism that he provided the White House to each and every one of his clients.

California Delayed Diagnosis Attorney

A doctor must use care in diagnosing your illness in order for the appropriate treatment to be prescribed without undue delay. Missed symptoms and warning signs mean you are not being treated for your illness. A delay in diagnosis can mean that it is too late for effective treatment or that your only option is to have extensive and painful treatment that would not have been needed had they found the cancer or disease earlier.

We handle claims involving the failure to diagnose, or the misdiagnosis of, different types of cancer and illness, including:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma (deadly skin cancer)
  • Lung cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Colon cancer

Get Answers to Your Questions

When you are dealing with the devastating consequences of a late or failed cancer diagnosis, you are left with many questions.

Two of the most important questions you face are:

  • Could my cancer have been caught/diagnosed earlier?
  • Would a diagnosis of the cancer have made a difference?

Our experience with cases involving delayed diagnosis and failure to diagnose is used to the benefit of each of our clients as we help them obtain answers to these and other tough questions. We strive to get these answers not only to help our clients better understand their options, but also because we care about our clients and want to do everything we can to make them whole again through information, compensation, or whatever else we can provide.

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